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---- R I N D U ----

A word to describe my feeling today..!!

Yes, me miss my sweetheart even did talk to her yesterday for few times..

May ALLAH ease my ways to complete my tasks & responsibilities..

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim,

shower us with your blessings... Ameen!

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~Selamt Hari Lahir Bondaku~

This entry is specially dedicated to my sweetheart.. You are my heart and soul mak..

I dream a million dreams,
one that I wish to come true is,
you can see the wish with all my souls,
is just to be with you, mak..


You held my hands whenever I was alone,
wrap a long arm around me,
when the distance made me sad..
as for now, I can only sit here and pray the best for us..

Mak bonda kesayangan ku,

Your love and care
are always special to me,
It's a hand outstrecthed in kindness
whenever I'm in need..

A gentle word of comfort
a thoughtful little deed..

Mak sayang,

You are someone to share the bad times with
enjoy the good times too...

Someone to support my dreams
help me to see them trough..

A friendly voice I like to hear
at any time of day..

An understanding ear
when there are things I need to say..

It's all that I could ever need,
all that a
could be..

The bond we share is
such a very special thing to me..

My dearest Mak ever,

You are a wonderful mom
you are appreciated probbaly more than you realise..

Your thoughtfulness is
so much a part of everything u do..

You have influenced my life
in so many ways, mak..
that I could never thank you enough..


Even I wasn't next to you,
I can't see you,
I can't hold you,
always remember that
my mind of YOU will never end..

Brothers and I wish you
a very good and great birthday..
May we live
happily,wealthy and healthy
for now and then,

We will always love you mak forever and ever...!!

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